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タイトル: 実規模PCスノーシェッドの耐衝撃性向上に関する重錘落下衝撃実験
その他のタイトル: Prototype Weight Falling Impact Test on Upgrading Impact Resistance of PC Snow-Sheds
著者: 岸, 徳光
今野, 久志
三上, 浩
川瀬, 良司
栗橋, 祐介
キーワード: PC snow-sheds
AFRP sheet
impact resistance
impact test
Issue Date: Mar-2000
出版者: 土木学会
引用: 構造工学論文集, 46A, pp.1875-1884, 2000
タイプ: Journal Article
抄録: In this study, in order to establish an upgrading design procedure on impact resistance of PC snow-sheds, a new method is proposed which is composed of; 1) setting of Three-Layered Absorbing System (TLAS) on the roof to attenuate and to disperse the impact force generated due to falling rocks; 2) bonding of Aramid Fiber Reinforced Plastic (AFRP) sheet on the lower surface on the girder to upgrade the flexural capacity of girder; 3) spraying of Urethane resin on the lower surface of flange to protect concrete spalling. To confirm the applicability of the pro-posed method, the weight falling impact tests are conducted by using prototype T-shaped PC girders. The results obtained from this study are as follows: 1) PC girders can be rationally upgraded by bonding AFRP sheer on the lower surface;2) concrete spalling at the lower surface of flange can be effectively protected by spraying Urethane resin; and 3) applying a proposed estimation on impact force, upgrading of PC snow-sheds can be easily performed.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10258/1037
Rights: Copyright 2000 土木学会 ダウンロードを含むこの著作物の利用は、著作権法の私的使用及び引用の範囲に限り認められます。その範囲外の利用については、土木学会の承諾が必要です。
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